🎉His Rock is Now LIVE! 🎉

"Lena Hunt, you'll be my wife for a week."

Being married to a celebrity may sound like a dream come true but it was never mine.
Yet by some crazy twist of fate and a reality show, here I am, wife to recently retired Olympic swimmer Riley Boyle.
Flawless physique and crazy rich.
I have to be careful though, because at the end of the week, this will all be over.
That's how the show goes.
Losing my virginity or my heart wasn't in the script.
Oh, and neither was carrying his child.
But I guess fate has a way of writing its own stories.

And it looks like my story as Mrs. Boyle is just beginning...

🔥 Hot New Release, Twist of Fake! 🔥

"I'll be your fiancé."

I never thought I'd need one to impress a client and get a promotion.
Where's a virgin like me supposed to find someone like that?
And I never in my wildest dreams thought he'd volunteer.

Lucian. That mysterious drool-worthy mechanic from down the street with a mean streak.
The moment I saw those inked arms, I wanted them wrapped around me.
One look and he made my engine purr.
Yet I kept all those fantasies to myself, never knowing I'd have a chance to make them real.

Real? No. All this is pretend.
Just a game with the highest stakes:
My body and my heart.

🎉🔥 Hot New Release, Most Eligible Daddy 🎉🔥

The first time was spur of the moment. The second time will be forever.

I never thought I'd fall for a girl in overalls and muddy boots until I met Quinn Hardy.
She's the best thing that came with this run-down farm.
The loss of my wife left me empty and struggling to raise a daughter.
Years later, not even all my wealth can fill the void.

But with Quinn, I see everything I want in a woman.
Smart. S#xy. Strong. An amazing mother.
And her son? He sure reminds me of how I looked and acted as a kid.

I'll show Quinn what a real man is like.
I'll f#cken crush those greedy neighbors eyeing her land the way I stamp out those trying to mess with my company.
There's a savage beast under this suit and the countryside is the perfect place to go wild.

I'll protect Quinn with all I've got.
And I'll destroy anyone and anything that gets in my way.

🔥 Hot New Release, His Gift! 🔥

This Christmas, I'm going to win her back. For good.

The moment Jordan's doe eyes met mine, I knew I had to have her.
Hard not to when a gorgeous virgin stumbles into your life.
After I claimed her sweet innocence, we lost touch and I focused on building my fortune.
Seeing Jordan while I was taking a holiday break in a small town was an unexpected surprise.

She's everything I want in a woman. 
Kind. Smart. An amazing mother.
But she's different now.
Her guard is up.
She can pretend to hate me all she wants but she can't deny our magnetic attraction.
And her son? He sure does look and act a lot like me.

This holiday season, she needs me more than ever.
A snowball of expenses doesn't help.
It's obvious that her son needs a father figure.
And don't get me started on her brother.
Let's just say we couldn't have gotten off on any more of a wrong foot.

I didn't expect to feel this way.
All I know is I'm damn sure I don't want this to end.
When we're alone, I'll make her body tremble with pleasure.
I'll make her fu$ken mine.
Despite the odds stacked against us.
After all, I have a special gift for her.

🎉 New Release! One Hot Doctor! 🎉

A lot has changed in the 7 years since I saw Ava...

Yes, I'm still the only son to billionaire parents.
And yes, I'm a doctor now who seems to have women blog about my looks every time I do a TV interview.
But Ava's despair runs deep.
Her arrogant, abusive fiance makes me f*cken sick.
He belittles her and won't let her speak her own mind. 

This jack*ss deserves an *ss kicking and I'd love to give him one. 
Heck, even her mother has turned her into a lifeless doll.
To h*ll with them.   
Underneath her fragile exterior, I can see she has so much more to offer.
Ava and I belong together.
I knew it then and I know it now.
I'm the only one that can rescue her from this mess.
I'll stop at nothing to protect my family and our baby.

But how can I heal Ava's deepest scar if I'm the one who left it?

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A Box Set of Steamy Stories

Forbidden Desires is an anthology of steamy romance books that you won't want to miss.

This guilty pleasure has something for everyone: hot bad boys, alpha males, billionaires, cowboys, shifters, and much more...

Book 1: Billionaire Rising
4 steamy hot tales in one mini-collection
Stories include: Seduced By The Gifted Billionaires, Taken At The Red Carpet Gala, The Billionaire Cougar Club and My Stepbrother The Alpha

Book 2: No Ordinary Menage
4x the temptation and 4x the pleasure
Stories include: Auctioned to The Billionbears, Protected By The Alphas, My Father's Best Friends, My Stepbrother The Wild One

Book 3: Camping With My Dad's Best Friends
Stand-alone adult threesome fantasy romance that includes a happily ever after ending

Book 4: A Long Weekend With My Dad's Best Friends
An older man younger woman romance. When is it possible to give into your desires and when should you stop?

Book 5: Filled At The Office
A steamy office themed romance with a young college graduate, a distinguished successful older man and an overnight trip that leads to one hot, steamy story.

Book 6: Sold To The Alpha Vampires
Rose is an alpha male loving kind of woman. She needs a break from the wussy type of men out there. But will she (or they) bite off more than can be chewed?

Book 7: Sold To The Pack
Aria is excited for her birthday. She was hoping for some cash to go overseas for the summer but what she got was nothing she could have imagined.

Book 8: Cowboy Seeks Wife
Imagine being taken by a hot cowboy? If you can, then this story is for you.

Book 9: The Outnumbered Wife
Stacey always had fantasies that she kept a lid on. Her new husband Reece had fantasies of his own. Could they make their new lifestyle work?

Book 10: Highlander's Bride
Lars is in a marriage that makes him miserable but what can he do? He's resigned to his fate and now spends most of his time at war with distant clans. It keeps him away from his equally unsatisfied wife and keeps his mind off the one thing that he yearns for: a family. Will these two find happiness or will jealousy ruin everything for them?

Happy Reading from Sofia Senna and Ashlee Price!

🍾New Release, Married to the Royal! 🍾

Roommates by Accident. A Couple by Agreement. A Royal Match by Design.

It all started out on the wrong foot...
I showed up in her apartment almost n*ked. 
She tried to kill me with a guitar.
But she needed money.
And I needed a place to hide.
We became roommates on paper.
We ended up as lovers in bed.

Now, I can’t get enough of her.
And I sure as heck am not letting her go.
I will make her body submit to my reign.
I will claim her heart as my throne.

There’s just one huge problem – Jess doesn’t know I’m a prince, a prince whose life and kingdom are currently and seriously in danger.

Will she still stay with me when she finds out or will I lose her along with everything I’ve ever had?

🎉New Release, Protector! 🎉

Ex-Firefighter. Current Boss. Future (Pretend) Husband.

“Save me.”
I saw that plea in Robyn’s tear-moistened chestnut eyes the moment she stepped off the back of my truck naked, shivering, bruised and scarred.
How could I refuse?

Her gaze calls out to the hero in me.
Her touches awaken the man.
Each brush of her body against mine starts a fire I can’t put out.
Heck yeah, I’ll protect her.
I’ll go through flames for this woman.
I’ll even marry her and father her child.
And brand every inch of her skin as mine so her monster of an ex won’t ever touch her again.
She belongs to me now.
And I will keep her from harm.

But can I still protect her when my darkest secret is her greatest fear?

***Protector is a full-length, stand-alone romance with a happily ever after ending. This special edition includes an epilogue to the main story. Are you ready to come along for the ride?***

NOW LIVE! HOT MEN: A Contemporary Romance Box Set

A Collection of 4 Amazon Best Sellers + 1 Exclusive!

This guilty pleasure is for readers who love their bad boys, alpha males and billionaires hot, dark and ready to take the women they want...forget the consequences!

Book 1 - His Secret Baby

Why be an angel when the bad boy always gets the girl?

Book 2 - My Protector

Hot firefighter’s second chance at love

Book 3 - Bossman’s List

Not your typical billionaire office romance

Book 4 - Rekindled

Hot billionaire’s second chance at love

Book 5 - Cowboy’s Bride

Every alpha cowboy deserves a wife

***HOT MEN is an anthology of five stand-alone romance books. No cheating, no cliffhangers and you are guaranteed many happily-ever-afters including engagements, weddings and babies. ***

***Be sure to check out two sample novels, exclusive to this collection.***

New Release: Knocked Up By The Other Brother: A Secret Baby Second Chance Romance


My wife has no memory of me.
Then again, Grace isn't my real wife...

I don't know much about her...
Where she's from, how she ended up in Hope Creek, why she has strange marks on her wrists and how she survived The Icebreaker that wiped out a good portion of humanity.

What I do know is that she's one of the handful of remaining fertile women left and so the Council wants me to have a baby with her.
What I do know is that I'm pretending to be her husband so she doesn't run off and spill the town's secrets to the world.
What I do know is that she has the most mesmerizing blue eyes that my heart can't escape from.

And I could go on living this lie but the truth has a way of catching up just as the most perfect of worlds can end up crumbling.
And now we both have to face the facts...
She with the fact that she's been living in a devastated world and sleeping with a stranger.

And I with the fact that I'm in love with a woman who's engaged to my brother.

Knocked Up The Other Brother is a steamy, stand-alone second chance romance with a HEA. Includes bonus content for your continued reading pleasure.

Cocky is Now Live!

In this corner of Hollywood, I am the leading lady.
All that's left is to choose the leading man.
Then again, no one ever said I had to...

All I wanted was a man in my life.

The moment I took over my friend's job as a yoga instructor in an upscale neighborhood, I got four.

First, I met Reilly.
The rising star who has the face and body of the Greek gods he must have descended from.
Sweet. Charming.
The only problem?
He's not looking for a girlfriend, he's just looking for a friend...with benefits.

Then I got invited into the home of Kaleb Wilson.

Hollywood actor at the top of his game.
Luscious dark skin.
Piercing ebony eyes.
Rock hard muscles.
Sure, he's a playboy but I can't help playing into his hands.

Then there's Noah.
Mysterious. Brooding. Recluse.
Genius screenwriter.
I want to hug him and take him home with me.

Finally, there's Hector.
Powerful. Commanding. Forbidding.
He demands my surrender and I find myself wanting to submit and fulfill his every desire.

What's a lady to do? Who would you choose?

Mr. Always & Forever: A Secret Baby Second Chance Romance

Conner Blake.
Strikingly handsome.
Chiseled chin and bedroom eyes.
He stole my story, the one that was supposed to land me on the front page.
Then, he stole my heart...

When it ended, I swore that we were through for good.
Now, seven years later, he's back.
With his kisses, he robs me of every breath and thought.
With his touches, he sweeps me away to a place where I feel safe.
When he ties me up, he knows I'm his for the taking.
It's so good, it feels like a crime.
Then again, he's the father of my child so maybe I should let him get away with it.

I could be his to keep. To have and to hold. For better or worse.
But he's not the only man in town who has me in their sights.
I feel threatened.
I feel like all I've worked so hard for could be gone.

Will he be able to protect me and my child?

NEW RELEASE: Big Men: A New Year Dirty Billionaire Romance Box Set

NEW RELEASE: Big Men: A New Year Dirty Billionaire Romance Box Set

Dear 2018: All I Want for the New Year Are Hot, Big Men!

BIG MEN is an anthology of five standalone romance books. This guilty pleasure is for readers who love their bad boys, alpha males and billionaires hot, dark and ready to take the women they want…to heck with the consequences!

No cheating, no cliffhangers and you are guaranteed many happily-ever-afters including engagements, weddings and babies.

Be sure to check out the bonus novellas exclusive to this collection. 

Happy New Year from Ashlee Price and Sofia Senna. 

Book 1: SEAL ME Daddy

Book 2: Body Talk

Book 3: The Virgin’s Dom

Book 4: The Cowboy’s Seed

Book 5: Desired

Happy Reading!

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NEW RELEASE: Bossman's List: A Billionaire Christmas Office Romance

Bossman's List is Now LIVE! 

She was there to pick me up,
Show me around,
And make sure I had a good time. 
After all, that’s what assistants are for, right?

But Sheryl was different,
Beautiful, smart and hot as...you know what.
All I want is to touch her,
Hear her scream my name
And make her mine. 

No guy has ever satisfied her. 
Now, I’m here from down under
To make sure she gets her first "O" with my big "D".
And maybe a happy ending of my own. 

NEW RELEASE: His Secret Baby: A BDSM Revenge Wedding Romance

Why be an angel when the bad boy always gets the girl?


I can't stop thinking about her.

Curves that drive a man crazy and a smile so sweet I'll commit every sin just to have her. 

But sin can come with punishment.

If I screw up, it's not just me who'll pay the price.

She's a flame and I'm a fu$ken moth. I won't leave unless she pushes me away.

My revenge might break us both.


If my new business fails I'll lose everything--if I break it off with Riker, it's 'only' my heart that will die.

I can't walk this tightrope between him and the person trying to ruin me, ruin us.

The only solution is to push him away. I just hope I survive what he does to make me pay.

I have to survive--it's not just me anymore. It's me, and Riker's baby.

What will I do if he finds out? What will I do if he doesn't care?

***His Secret Baby is a steamy, stand-alone BDSM Revenge Wedding romance with a HEA. This guilty pleasure is for readers who like their bad boys hot, dark and ready to take the woman they want...to heck with the consequences!***