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Mr. Always & Forever: A Secret Baby Second Chance Romance

Conner Blake.
Strikingly handsome.
Chiseled chin and bedroom eyes.
He stole my story, the one that was supposed to land me on the front page.
Then, he stole my heart...

When it ended, I swore that we were through for good.
Now, seven years later, he's back.
With his kisses, he robs me of every breath and thought.
With his touches, he sweeps me away to a place where I feel safe.
When he ties me up, he knows I'm his for the taking.
It's so good, it feels like a crime.
Then again, he's the father of my child so maybe I should let him get away with it.

I could be his to keep. To have and to hold. For better or worse.
But he's not the only man in town who has me in their sights.
I feel threatened.
I feel like all I've worked so hard for could be gone.

Will he be able to protect me and my child?

NEW RELEASE: Big Men: A New Year Dirty Billionaire Romance Box Set

NEW RELEASE: Big Men: A New Year Dirty Billionaire Romance Box Set

Dear 2018: All I Want for the New Year Are Hot, Big Men!

BIG MEN is an anthology of five standalone romance books. This guilty pleasure is for readers who love their bad boys, alpha males and billionaires hot, dark and ready to take the women they want…to heck with the consequences!

No cheating, no cliffhangers and you are guaranteed many happily-ever-afters including engagements, weddings and babies.

Be sure to check out the bonus novellas exclusive to this collection. 

Happy New Year from Ashlee Price and Sofia Senna. 

Book 1: SEAL ME Daddy

Book 2: Body Talk

Book 3: The Virgin’s Dom

Book 4: The Cowboy’s Seed

Book 5: Desired

Happy Reading!

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NEW RELEASE: Bossman's List: A Billionaire Christmas Office Romance

Bossman's List is Now LIVE! 

She was there to pick me up,
Show me around,
And make sure I had a good time. 
After all, that’s what assistants are for, right?

But Sheryl was different,
Beautiful, smart and hot as...you know what.
All I want is to touch her,
Hear her scream my name
And make her mine. 

No guy has ever satisfied her. 
Now, I’m here from down under
To make sure she gets her first "O" with my big "D".
And maybe a happy ending of my own. 

NEW RELEASE: His Secret Baby: A BDSM Revenge Wedding Romance

Why be an angel when the bad boy always gets the girl?


I can't stop thinking about her.

Curves that drive a man crazy and a smile so sweet I'll commit every sin just to have her. 

But sin can come with punishment.

If I screw up, it's not just me who'll pay the price.

She's a flame and I'm a fu$ken moth. I won't leave unless she pushes me away.

My revenge might break us both.


If my new business fails I'll lose everything--if I break it off with Riker, it's 'only' my heart that will die.

I can't walk this tightrope between him and the person trying to ruin me, ruin us.

The only solution is to push him away. I just hope I survive what he does to make me pay.

I have to survive--it's not just me anymore. It's me, and Riker's baby.

What will I do if he finds out? What will I do if he doesn't care?

***His Secret Baby is a steamy, stand-alone BDSM Revenge Wedding romance with a HEA. This guilty pleasure is for readers who like their bad boys hot, dark and ready to take the woman they want...to heck with the consequences!***

NEW RELEASE: My Protector

S#xy Firefighter's Second Chance at Love...

People in town say that my reputation is too hot to handle. 

What the fu#k do they know?
They see a chiseled firefighter with a heart of ash and a Texas sized trail of women left behind.

What they don't see are my feelings for Jenna.
It was her that I always wanted.
Not the on-again, off-again fake a$$ plastic blonde that I can't seem to shake.
Beautiful. Smart. S#xy. It was Jenna all along.

This time, I won't let anything get in the way.
Not my ego.
Not my immature fu#k-ups that cost our relationship the first time.

It would be so easy for her to skip town.
She could leave the family's debt and bull$hit for good. 
I'lll stop at nothing to change her mind. 

I'll prove my love for her and our baby.


BODY TALK is now LIVE and available on Amazon! Go check it out and get your copy while on SALE for $0.99 and FREE with Kindle Unlimited. 

She’s off limits.
She’s un-touched and my assistant.
I’m Dagger Braun though. I’m used to getting what I want.
Even if it means risking it all to make her mine. 

Who would have thought an ex-SEAL like me would open a yoga studio?

Before I can offer classes, I need a talented instructor who can follow my lead. 

No attachments. Just someone who is professional. 

That was until Whitney walked into my studio...

She was smart, funny and gorgeous – a combination that will tempt any man. 

The throbbing in my pants proves I'm no exception to that temptation. 

Those innocent eyes and plump lips could be my undoing. 

Each time I see her, all I want is for her to submit to me…mind, body, and soul.

You know what, maybe she's the one? 

The one I don't want to share and ever let go of. 

But a dangerous, unsettled score from my past could ruin our only chance at real love. 

Despite all odds, I am determined to make her mine!


Body Talk is Available in Paperback

I hired her to get naked for my yoga studio… now I want her naked for me! Who would have thought an ex-SEAL like me would open a yoga studio? Before I can offer classes, I need a sexy instructor who can follow my lead. No attachments, just someone who is a true professional.  ...That was until Whitney walked into my studio. She was smart, funny and fu$king sexy – a combination that will tempt any man. If the throbbing in my pants is any indication, I was no exception to that temptation. Those innocent eyes and plump lips could be my undoing. You know what, maybe she's the one? The one I don't want to share and ever let go of. But there are dangers that lurk from my past...an unsettled score that could ruin us. Issues in the past or not, I'm used to getting what I want.  She will be mine. 

Special Sneak Peek: Body Talk

Here is a special sneak peek of Body Talk.

He had a vendetta in his heart—to destroy the man who’d killed the young SEAL recruit who had looked up to him. It was not a simple death, and Dagger Braun would not let it simply fade away.

He had the wealth. He wanted a business and a woman at his side. She showed up one afternoon, answering an employment ad. “Yoga Instructor. No experience needed.”

His studio had a twist. The students learned and practiced in the nude—on one another. Could she be his partner in every sense of the word?

Vendettas are known for complicating matters, and this one was no different. Could they both survive the hurdles that lay in their path?

As glittering Chicago gave way to a lakeshore mansion, love provided the path they needed.