Hot Daddy

I’ve been dumped once before.
This billionaire fling is never going to work.

Victor needs a new nanny.
And me?
I need money after the crash of my music career.
He saw me for who I was.
An innocent girl still holding onto her V-card.
Waiting for the right man.
Of course, I gave into his charm.
A gorgeous single dad with hypnotizing brown eyes.
One night together and I was his.
I was taken… I was obsessed.
The problem, though?
He just hired me and now I’m his employee.
We’ve got rules that we need to stick to.
Stay professional.
No phone calls, ever.
Forget that we ever slept together.
Except that now… we need each other.
His son is in danger.
And I’m pregnant.

Would now be the best time to break those rules?

Boss Me Daddy

My billionaire boss is my worst enemy.

I didn't think I'd ever see him again.
Those deep green eyes. 
His cocky smile.
And that chiseled chest under his tailored suit. 
He fired me once. 
Completely destroyed my career. 
Losing my v-card to him was a mistake.
There's no way I'd let him back into my life.
Except that I may not have a choice anymore.
His touch has me hooked. 
And what complicates things even more? 
I'm pregnant. 
I want to keep it a secret. 
To run in the opposite direction. 
But my heart wants me to stay.

Will falling in love with my enemy lead to a second chance? 
Or, with everything stacked against us, will we be driven apart forever?

A Beautiful Mistake 

I went in for surgery and woke up my doctor!

How did this happen to a rich playboy like me? 
After all, I believe in lust, not love.
Maybe I can use this mistake to my advantage.
My generous donation to the hospital will help buy her the respect she craves from her stuck up bosses.
And a fake marriage is just what I need to get my family off my back.
A great idea until the unexpected happens...
We're drawn to each other like magnets. 
I didn't expect to feel this way.
She's the complete package. 
Gorgeous eyes. Stunning curves. Virgin lips.
But nah, I can't give in.
We have a simple agreement.
One year. Then divorce.

My perfect plan starts to fall apart when her controlling, desperate ex threatens her. 
Screw that. In this world, I protect what's mine.

I'll protect Marian, the baby growing inside her and will destroy anyone who gets in my way.

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