Kitchen Boss

My best friend's brother took my innocence...
and I have secret that he doesn't know about yet.
He's about to become my baby daddy.

Can you blame me for sleeping with him?
He went from being a nerd in high school to a wealthy chef with his own food empire.
Check that. A total drool-worthy chef.
He hired me as an intern, and it's not just a job.
I've got perks.
His bulging muscles.
Our sizzling chemistry.
And his adorable little daughter.
He even asked me to be his fake fiancée.

The number of secrets on my plate are piling up though.
And my dark past already forced him to leave me once.
So, what happens if that past comes back to haunt us once again?

Surprise Bidder

What have I got myself into this time!?
Agreeing to being auctioned off at the Ambrosia Club.
Desperate for money and for hope.
Luckily, Gavin Scotsfeld can give me both.

He's cold. Ruthless. And crazy rich.
He'll do anything to get what he wants and protect what is his.
I'm not supposed to fall in love with him.
But I melt more with each touch and I come alive with every kiss.
I'm definitely under his spell.
I'm also blind to his secrets.
Secrets that I'm discovering could destroy me.
He isn't aware that I have a big surprise of my own.
I'm carrying his baby.

What happens when I tell him that he's the father?...

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